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What we offer?
Direct local phone number
Prepaid VoIP service

Absolutly free calls with all other subscribers of IPTEL
Low monthly fee from 10 ZAR
Lowest rates for outgoing calls
Realtime billing and reports
Perfect call quality
What you need?
Permanent internet connection

Software phone
Hardware VoIP device
Mobile GSM smartphone
Free registration
Desire to tolk a lot
Will to pay less

We are launching our new service very soon.
IPTEL is the only prepaid internet telephony service for home or business users in South Africa!

   If you want your South African local phone number to be always with you al over the world
   If you often change your home or office, but wish to keep your number
   If you want to use your local number on your smartphone always and on every place
   If you are tired of huge phone bills
   If you wish to track your calls and rates in real time
   If you want to conmpletely control your phone expenses
   If you need a second phone line in your home or office
   If you wish to call more and pay less

IPTEL is just what you are looking for!

How to join IPTEL?



Sign up for free by filling the registration form with basic details here.


Choose phone

You could use your new phone number by downloading a free software, using hardware VoIP device or directly on your smartphone or tablet.


Buy credit

In order to buy prepaid credit for your calls, please enter the client's area and choose appropriate payment method.



Now you can call all of the IPTEL's subscribers for free and any phone number in the world at the best rates.

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